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Dogs must have a current C5 (minimum) vaccinations.  We must sight your certificate at time of delivery.

The kennels have been designed to make your dogs stay as comfortable as possible.  There are Standard Kennels through to the Deluxe Kennels, that have full reverse cycle airconditioning, to keep your dog warm in winter and cool in summer.


Kennel 61

Kennel 41


All kennels have trampoline style beds.  We recommend you bring along a favourite toy or rug.  This will enable your dog to settle in and feel more at home.

We do not mix dogs from different households as your pet's safety and welfare is our top priority. If you have dogs that you want to be housed together, then this can be arranged.

All pets are treated as individuals.  Dogs are exercised regularly in a large grassed secure exercise area, complete with toys and sandpits.  These help to keep your dog both physically and mentally active whilst he is holidaying.

Kennel 71


We feed only premium dry food along with fresh meat, chicken necks/wings, dog roll and tin food.  We can also cater for special diets on request.

If your dog requires medication, it will be administered in accordance with Veterinary instruction. 

Bookings are essential.

We invite you to contact us to discuss your pet's needs and inspect our premises.